It Starts with Us

“It Starts with Us” is an organization focused on crazy, lofty goals giving back and changing the world. Their message is simple: sign up and they will send you an weekly email with a 15-minute assignment. The goal? To do something that helps, supports, uplifts someone and to build a community of individuals focused on making a positive impact. Their conceptual framework? Small incremental change ripples out and eventually tips over into real, tangible change. It is our personal responsibility to improve the world around us, so I personally love the model of this organization and have definitely signed up! Considering that in college, Tal Ben-Shahar’s “Positive Psychology” class taught me that the value of kindness and philanthropy is in part selfish – and not in the bad way – in that it helps you be a happier and more purposeful person, It Starts With Us is a win-win for everyone. To read more about it, see here.


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