This essentially sums up how I feel about this week, this month, and pretty much from now until December. I have never been one to shy away from having too many things on my plate, but starting off this semester I knew that I would have to bunker down and focus in a way that I have not had to do in a long time and that I have never done particularly well. Since most of the things on my figurative plate are of high-to-paramount importance, the current state of affairs entails balancing all of them in equal measure with  minimal tolerance for trade-offs. I am sure in four months, through the beauty that retrospective adds, this will seem like a fulfilling and challenging adventure that is  – thankfully – over, but my goal is to have it take on this shape in the present: to enjoy the stress, the ambiguity, the hectic rushing around…if for no other reason, that I am invested in the tangible process of molding my own future.


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