Layover transitions

Mojito © Natalia Martinez

It might be odd but airports make me feel optimistic. The constant coming and going, the ebb and flow of people and things in perpetual motion – they leave me somewhat refreshed by the realization that inertia moves everything forward and that change is transient. I’ve been in airports too many times to count – on vacation, immigrating from one country to another, leaving to go to college, flying oversees with no return flight booked, dropping off a loved one – and almost every time has represented some sort of change (as trite as that may sound). In this sense, airports are communities of people in transition, and the fact that we can recognize that similarity in one another, sometimes makes me smile as I lug my carry-on around.


One response to “Layover transitions

  1. I so agree – I’ve done the same thing many times! Miss you, love! Xoxo and all the stars!

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