Off the map…

Milk is not for refrigeration (Shanghai, CN) © Natalia Martinez

I went to a great talk last night by Ann Mack, Director of Trendspotting at JWT. I was familiar with the awesome work that JWT Intelligence does from having interned at their Cape Town office one summer, but it was great to be reminded of the great research and resources they have available to the public! A lot of good stuff there, people!

In any case, at one point in the presentation we watched the Windows 7  Phone Ad in the context of one of the emerging trends. Watch the video, it’s pretty funny in that this-is-so-true kind of way. The lesson is simple: Be. Here. Now. and I am taking it to heart this weekend.  Starting today at midnight, I plan to use my phone exclusively for (gasp!) calling. There shall be no compulsive email checking, no timely email responding, no Facebook or Twitter. Instead, I will read and go outside.

Fingers crossed. Onward, weekend of technology freedom!


One response to “Off the map…

  1. Loving that photo! My triumph is one from Cape Town taken in front of “Mugged” coffee shop. List under “things not really funny in South Africa”

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