Bartering gone mad/awesome

à Paris © Natalia Martinez

A couple of years ago, there was a young man named Kyle who decided that he would try to barter a simple every day object and wondered how many ‘trades’ he’d have to do in order to be barter for a house. He then somehow decided this idea was not as far fetched and impossible as I obviously thought when I heard about it… and he set about trading a red paper clip…and then, eventually and after significantly less trades than I had estimated, he ended up with a home.

Re-read that: with.a.home.


In the process of getting a free house, this 26-year old also apparently made many people’s dreams come true…including me because today was a I-need-a-happy-ending kind of Monday.

Watch the news report on this awesome or read a USA Today article about it (the video is infinitely better; just take a coffee break and watch it).


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