In light of the recent revolutions in the Middle East – and despite the myriad of problems that have surged up as a result, not the least of which have been the Libyan question, rising crude oil prices, and increasing instability in the region – this post-it seems rather appropriate. Giving a great synopsis of how this is relevant, here is Wal Ghonim’s TED talk from earlier this month. Sadly, some of the examples of tolerance and stability in Egypt that he mentions have since deteriorated and, in the face of this reality, it’s hard to fully believe in successful change when dealing with the tradition, corruption, etc that power breeds equally across the globe.

But I am reminded that if we don’t hope for, support, and work for change – despite failure, despite contradiction – we’ll be mush, much worse off as a global community and as individuals. On that note, here is another TED talk by Kavi Ramdas, about the roles of women in redefining a new world of accepted polarities and working with tradition to redifine change. Kavi is a great storyteller and her particular brand of humility in the acceptance of paradoxes and complexities, is one that I deeply respect. As an tangential reference, the Liberian example she mentions has been documented in an award-winning documentary that I also very much recommend, “Pray the Devil Back To Hell” for anyone seeking an inspiring true story about real people bringing about tangible change.


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