.5 + .5 = ?

In honor of Valentine’s day (disclaimer: I consider this a odd holiday), I figured I’d post briefly about something my good friend Michael Oshima (@harrosankyu) mentioned in a catch-up conversation over a year ago. He pointed out that people tend to describe their partner/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife as “their other half,” “their perfect half,” and other variations that include a decimal < 1.

It is an odd coincidence (that I for not had never noticed), but it implies that we do not consider our individual selves to be a whole! If it takes 1/2 + 1/2 to = 1, then what are we without another person? Michael cleverly decided  that we should change our focus from a “you complete me” to a “you enhance me” framework and, with a little elementary math magic, change the equation to 1 +1 = 2.


One response to “.5 + .5 = ?

  1. It’s like the hallmakr cleberating us thing… they are smart!

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