A Chinese story

Hangzhou, China © Natalia Martinez

In mid-2007 I traveled to China for a couple of months to teach and travel. At that particular point in my life, with all the indecision and ambiguity of my 21 years of life, the journey was nothing short of transformative and, for lack of a better term, cathartic. Upon my return, I wrote an essay for a competition, trying to capture the truth, the grace of China’s beauty and chaos, and its effect on me that summer. In the end I won a set of collectible Olympics coins, but the essay is one that I read over every once in a while. Clichéd as this is, it is refreshing to imagine myself as I was that summer…if for no other reason because I was younger! 🙂 In any case, I wanted to share the essay because I am in that kind of mood today!


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