Stop day dreaming!

Unexpected @ Natalia Martinez

This BBC article on daydreaming based on a Harvard (conducted over iPhone, no less!) describes a connection between daydreaming and reported unhappiness!

First of all: almost 50% of their waking time day dreaming and not engaged in what they are actually doing. This seems almost absurd to me, but if 250,000 people reported it, it must be significant…

What follows from this is that the people who were most distracted from their tasks were the most unhappy. Apparently, “mind-wandering is an excellent predictor of people’s happiness.

On a last note, “Reports of happiness were most likely among those exercising, having a conversation, or making love, whereas unhappiness was reported most while people were resting, working, or using computers.” I guess on that note, I will step away from my laptop now…



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