Extracurricular commitments

First date © Natalia Martinez

 I saw this NYT piece about a beautiful project and it gave me a swift kick in the a** inspired me to revisit some of the random photography ideas I have scribbled in the moleskines that usually accompanied me but now stand silently on my shelf: Philosophers through the Lens. I don’t know about other people, byt one of the things I have personally noticed during this transitionary time is that a lot of the things that  have been important to me stay constant and even take on more meaning as I’ve had to narrow down my hobbies and involvements in the face of Real Life’s onslaught. Photography is one of those things, and it reminds me that this decade is a time to take a stand and fight to keep the things that interest me as an active component of my life. Needless to say, cliche and all, it is easy to let things slip through the figurative cracks, to postpone them, to lay them aside until such a time as life permits a bit more freedom…but the truth is, that time will probably never come and “real life” is not an excuse for lazyness and mindlessness. If we want our days to have meaning, we have to actively fight to keep our “extracurricular” interests and hobbies in play. If not, our days and weeks will boil down to a meager list of things we “have” to do, and not include all the ones we “want” to do.

I’m reminded of something my college Positive Psychology Professor used to say, Happines lies at the intersection of pleasure and meaning.” Seeking that out for ourselves is an active undertaking and an effort to start new projects, revisit old ideas, keep the usual habits and hobbies from slipping away as our lives become more busy or ambiguous or complicated.


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